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Rally Course Designer Quick Start Guide

Below is a quick overview of how to use the software. The Help files are pretty good and have more details in them.

  • Download whatever Rule Set Files you want. (Menu at top Rule Set Files -> Download.) There are quite a few Rule Set Files available. (For those of us here in the USA, the changes coming up on November 1st are available.)
  • Create an Event File (File -> New…), which will hold the courses. Press the Browse... button, navigate to the folder you want, give it a file name, then press Save. Fill in the Title box (and if you like, the Description box), press Continue, and the file will be created. Since the file has no courses in it, it'll prompt you to add the first course.
  • Create the course. It'll put in whatever signs are required on the course - always a Start & Finish, often with a jump or two.
  • From here on out, think right-click. The menus that pop up are fairly self-explanatory.
    • Right-click on a sign and you can add more signs to the course.
    • Right-click on the course background and you can add accessories.
    • Right-click on the border and you can add ring gates.
  • Fill in whatever fields on the left side of the window, depending on what you want to show up on your print-outs.
  • Explore the right-click menus and the menu at the top of the window.
  • Lots of features, including feedback on whether your course is legal.
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