Name:Rally Course Designer
Publisher:Sinister Labs
The following prerequisites are included:
  • Microsoft Visual Basic PowerPacks 10.0
  • .NET Framework 4.6
Click the button below to install or upgrade the application, install the prerequisites (if necessary), and run the application.
The problem causing the designer to fail when starting up in free trial mode should be resolve now.
  • Installing an upgrade will not affect the time remaining on your free trial period or your purchase status.
  • If you have version or earlier, you must uninstall that version using your Control Panel before installing this.
  • Once this version is installed, you'll be notified when upgrades are available.
  • If the installer stops when installing the Visual Basic PowerPacks, try running this setup file separately. You may need to run the installers as an administrator.
  • If the installer stops because you do not have .Net Framework 4.6, DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL THIS FILE. Then, re-install the designer. This often happens on machines running Windows 7.

Please Note:

For some period of time, installing on Windows 8 may pop up warning messages about this software not having been recognized. This should only happen for a short period of time, until enough people have installed it to gain what MicroSoft calls a reputation. Unfortunately, I have no idea how many installs it take to get to enough.
  • In Google Chrome, when I first download the installer, I get a warning on the download as is shown here.
  • I go ahead and open it up and as you can see, it has my name in the Publisher field.
  • But after pressing the Install button, I get a warning that this app might put your PC at risk. It won't. Press More Info.
  • Here, it says that the publisher is unknown. This will continue, as I said, until I get enough downloads to satisfy MicroSoft.

Features Added in Release

  • Moved the Copy Course Map button from the Options tab to the Station List tab.
  • Added a button to the Station List tab to copy the Station List.
  • Added a button to the Station List tab to copy the Error List.
  • On each of these, you can go to another program, like PowerPoint for example, and paste the item into a different type of file.

Features Being Worked On:

  • When downloading a rule set file, it needs to include the files for accessories.
  • Add the option to Print a Course Map in portrait, over or under the Station List for a course.
  • Display the Last Update Date on the drop-down list for downloading rule set files?
  • Make it possible to select the image size on Sign Description print-outs?
  • On both Sign Description print-out types, should I derive the image size from the font selected?
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