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Event Files

An Event File holds one or more courses. A single Event File may hold courses from different Rule Set Files. The name Event File was chosen because it is expected that the courses within an Event File would all be from the same event, possibly ll from a single trial event which spans a single day. But, there's no reason why an Event File can't contain, say, all of the courses from an 8-week rally class. Or maybe all of the courses one of your dogs ran to get his titles.

The menu bar item Courses -> Add Course... adds a new course to the open Event File. This creates a new tab on the Event File that holds the course. The menu bar item Courses -> Delete Course deletes the selected course from the open Event File.

The menu bar item Courses -> Copy Course allows you to copy the selected course, either to another place within the current Event File, or to another Event File. Courses may be copied to other levels within the same Rule Set File, making it easy to create a set of nested courses. However, courses may not be copied into courses of a different Rule Set File.

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