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Excel File Problems

Current Version: 2014_01

Problems Found/Changes Made and (hopefully) repaired in 2013_04 (7/20/2013):
  • Minor: Moved the sign-must-be-followed-by and sign-must-follow-another-sign from being associated with the sign, to being associated with a course level. ROD and C-WAGS have different conditions for different levels and the only way up to now to implement them would be with different Rule Set Files for the different conditions.
  • Major: Added a Copy Course button. Makes a copy of the course, allowing for different levels. If it runs across a sign that isn't legal at this level, it removes or replaces it. It also adds signs that are required at the new level. All accessories and ring gates are copied over. If the new course changes size, the icons are positioned to fill the new ring size. Doubler signs (used by ASCA) are copied over, too.
  • Major: Added a Move Sign button, to move required signs around on the course. Otherwise, one can't delete and re-insert those signs.
  • Minor: Added gates to the ring.
  • Minor: Moved signs above arrows in the Z-order. This should make moving the signs easier.
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