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Excel Warnings - 2003 Forward Compatibility

What's Happening

For backward compatibilty, I have been building and releasing all of the Excel files in 2003 format, which end with .XLS. If you open one of these files in Excel 2007 or later, then try to save it, it's going to try to save it in Excel 2003 format. When it does so, it runs this Compatibility Checker, which claims that there are problems saving to the "old" format, but in reality, there are no problems.

I've been searching the web and I've seen a couple of comments about how nice it is to warn us about possible problems, but how rude it is to not provide a tool that would alow us to track down the source of the problem to fix it. A classic Microsoft-ism.

Based on everything I see, the problems that the Compatibility Checker warns us about have no effect on what we are doing.

The Fix

The Compatibility Checker can be "silenced" in a couple of different ways.

  1. When the Save As... window appears, select Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook (*.xlsm). This will also stop the Checker from appearing, but for only this file.
  2. When the Compatibility Checker appears, uncheck the box that says Check compatibility when saving this workbook. This will stop the Checker from appearing, but again, only for this file.
So if you're using Excel 2007 or later, I suggest that when you first download your file, open it up, then save it right away as Macro-Enabled. Then each time you create a new set of courses, copy from that and the comaptibilty checks shouldn't run any more.

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