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PHP Image Table

The purpose of this code is to easily create a large table of thumbnail images. Each image is linked to a full-sized image; clicking on the thumbnail sends you to the full-sized image.

To use this program, first set up two directories, one containing the full-sized images, the other containing the thumbnails. The trick is that there must be the same number of files in each directory and the filenames must sort in the same order. So, if we have the two sets of files:

Full-Sized Imagesthumbnails
See an Example here.

then clicking on the first thumbnail image, th_img01.jpg will pull up the full-sized image, img01.jpg.


  • $image_dir - Directory containing the target images.
  • $thumbnail_dir - Directory containing the thumbnail images.
  • $new_window - Set to true to cause target images to come up in a new browser window, false for the same window.

PHP is a good language to use for this application.

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