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Rally O Excel Software

This software is designed to help you lay out courses for AKC Rally canine obedience competitions. It helps if you can provide course maps for competitors before they enter the ring; This software will help you make very clear course maps. It's written in MicroSoft Excel 2002, so you'll need that to run it. Earlier versions of Excel won't work with these files. You also need to have macros enabled for this to work correctly.

Learn mor about AKC RallyR at the AKC website.

Download the Software here...

RallyOJudgingForm_AKC_2008_04.xls is 1.2 MB in size. It includes fixes forth problems identified under version 03.

RallyOJudgingForm_AKC_2008_03.xls is 1.2 MB in size. It includes fixes forаeach problemаlisted under versions 01 and 02, except the duplicate sign problem - that one may be limited to Excel 2007. The following problems have been found with tihs version:

  • Doesn't recognize Honor station on Excellent courses.
  • On an Advanced course, it's only allowing changes to Novice signs.
  • Using a Double Left About Turn sign causes the Get Signs button to break.
  • Validation insists on not allowing a HaltFF as last sign, even if it's not an official course.

RallyOJudgingForm_AKC_2008_02.xls is 1.3 MB in size. It includes fixes forаeach problemаlisted under version 01. Problems found with version 2008_02 so far:

  • I left the tables on the Course Map exposed. These are supposed to be hidden columns. Because of this, when you hit the Get Signs button, some of the signs appear way off the screen, to the right.
  • At the excellent level,аa courseаneeds 3 advanced and 2 excellent stations plus the 2 jumps and honor.а The program counts the 2 jumps as advanced stations, which it shouldn't.
  • It allowsаan Advanced course with no jumps.
  • In Rally T, the new exercises do not show up in the drop down list.
  • When creating a course with duplicates of the same sign, one sign may not get attached to an arrow, causing the other to be hooked up twice.

RallyOJudgingForm_AKC_2008_01.xls is 1.3 MB in size. Known problems:

  • Change Sign button breaks.
  • Noаcheck for minimum number of stationary signs (3 at all levels).
  • Limit the ring sizes for official events.
  • Fix the spelling on Sign #39.
  • Add the 4 inch jump height to the table.

You want to save this software on your PC without running it from within MicroSoft Explorer. Running it in Explorer may disable the macros. To save it, right-click on the link and select Save Target As...

If a Password box pops up, just say cancel (probably twice) and it should still allow you to download the file. If it doesn't, email me and I can email you the software.

I've got a much lengthier article on this software, below is a summary. Start at the Courses tab. Press the button to Add A Course and fill in the form that pops up. This will create a new tab that will hold the course layout you want to put together.

Go to the table in the middle of the course layout and use the pick lists to select the signs you want to use, in the order you want to use them. Press the Get Figures button. A whole bunch of flickering will go on. Don't worry, it's supposed to do that. The software is checking that you have enough, but not too many signs, and that you haven't used too many stationary signs. When it sees that your course is valid, it'll copy each sign onto the workheet and connnect them with arrows. Move the Start sign into the course area and rotate it into the dirction you want it to begin, then press the Adjust Signs button. The rest of the signs will move onto the course map and the arrows will move to the best side. Move the signs into the exact position you want, then press the Adjust Numbers button. This will move either the circles or squares close to the signs. Again, you may need to fine tune the position of the numbers.

Touch up by moving the jumps and cones onto the course. Adding the logo of the club running your match or trial makes the course map complete.

What you'll end up with is a course map that is easy to read, print and copy. Your competitors will appreciate the clarity and the professional touch this brings to your ring! If you choose, the software will also create a Judge's Sheet (a sheet for scoring individual competitors) and a Judge's Book (a sheet for tallying scores for the course).

Disclaimer: I wrote this in Excel 2002. Earlier versions of Excel (2000, 97, 5.0) don't allow figures to rotate, or they do it differently enough that my files don't work with those. Yes, I've tried Saving As... an earlier version, but with no luck.

Please understand that I'm not a licensed AKC Rally judge-I've judged matches and I participate in the sport with my Labradors. This software has not been approved or certified by the AKC.

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